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Sangirova Umida Ravshanovna

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In 1974, the department "Economics and Organization of the Water Economy" was established at the Faculty "Construction of Hydraulic Structures". Initially in 1974, 50 students were admitted to full-time of studies in the direction of "Economics of the Water Economy". The first head and organizer of this department was Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Valizhonov Ahmed Musayevich.           

The department carried out the basic disciplines, such as: "Economics of water management", "Water management economics", "Analysis of activities of water management organizations", "Economic geography", "Accounting and audit of water sector", "General statistics", "Water statistics" and "Scientific organization of labor".           

The first teachers of the department were: candidates of economic sciences, associate professor M.M.Mirpayazov, A.P,Pulatov, A.S.Sultonov, A.V.Hidonov, the senior teacher Z.S. Ivanova, the assistant R.А.Badamova, then the candidate of economic sciences S.R.Ochilov, and О.N.Koryakin at the post of associate professor of the department, Т.S.Shodmonov, as the assistant of the chair T.G.Dzhunusov .           

In 1976, after the formation of the Faculty of Water Management, this department was transferred to this faculty.           

In 1979-1980 the department was headed by the candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor A.P.Pulatov.           

In 1980-1989, the department was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor A.S.Sultonov.           

In 1984 the candidate of economic sciences S.A.Pestakin worked as an assistant professor at the department.           

In 1985, the candidate of economic sciences V.N.Zarva worked as an assistant professor, at the department.           

By 1985, 7 candidates of sciences authors had already worked at the department. In these years, the senior teacher M.M.Isakov, assistant to N.M.Karimov were recruited to the department. In 1979, the first graduates of the faculty, specialized in economics of water management, were issued joint efforts of teachers of the department.           

In 1989, Associate Professor A.S.Sultonov was one of the first to prepare and publish a textbook on "Water Economics". This textbook gave the opportunity to receive the academic title of Professor, Associate Professor A.Sultonov in 1991. In 1992, Professor A.S.Sultonov was elected to the rank of academician of the International Engineering Academy. In 1996, the Scientific Council of the Tashkent Institute of Engineers of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization, Professor A.S.Sultonov, was awarded the honorary title of "Honored Professor".

Dozens of associate professors and 2 professors had grown up in the department over the past years. In these years, thousands of bachelor economists and hundreds of masters successfully graduated with the help of our department.

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