In 2019, the doctoral candidate I. Yunusov put up his dissertation on the topic 08.00.04- “Agricultural Economics” under the guidance of Professor U. Umumrzakov on the subject “Organizational basis for the development of the fish farming industry in ensuring the food security of the country.” Also planned at the department protection of research S. Murodov.

At the department, specialty 08.00.04- “Economics of Agriculture” 3 research doctoral students (M. Rakhmataliev and S. Eshmatov) conduct their research activities. Their supervisors are 2 doctors of sciences, professors (U. Umurzakov, S. Umarov). All topics of research work of supporting doctoral students are approved by the Scientific Council.


Research plan

Organizational and economic basis for the development of cooperation in the field of sales of fruits and vegetables (Head teacher S. Murodov). The topics of these projects are planned to be carried out on the basis of state budget funds.

The participation of students and young scientists in research

The department conducts research along with gifted students of the faculty based on the principle of “Pupil-mentor” according to the order of the rector No. 273 a / f.

At the department there is a circle under the name "Economist" - which includes 14 gifted students. Also, these students conduct their research work. They are led by leading professors and teachers of the department: Doctor of Economics, Professor., U.P. Umurzakov, Ph.D., Professor., A. Sultonov, Ph.D. U. Sangirova, Associate Professor, S. Ismailova Ph.D., Associate Professor, N. Abdurazzakova Ph.D., Associate Professor, Doctor of Economics, S. Umarov, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, G. Dustmuratov and other

The following talented students, led by faculty members, achieved results:

In 2019, a student of the “Economics” direction Hafizov Bunyod (the head is Associate Professor U.Sangirova) received a state scholarship from the President of the country.

Certificate of partnership with other research institutes of the Academy of Sciences, institutes and organizations

The Department of Economics has partnership agreements with a number of organizations, namely, the Research Institute of Agriculture, the Tashkent Regional Department of Agriculture and Water Management, the Office of Irrigation Systems Buz-Suv, the Department of Basin Irrigation Systems Chirchik-Ohangaron, the Department of Basin Irrigation Systems Amu-Surkhon and Amu -Қashқadarya. According to them, 4 innovative groups were organized, in which 11 professors and teachers, 22 representatives of enterprises, 3 large-scale research workers, 4 gifted students. Scientific and technical problems of enterprises are considered in 7 term papers, 4 WRCs, 1 doctoral dissertations.