In 1974, at the Faculty of Hydraulic Structures of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers, the direction “Economics of water management and its management” was opened. Since 1976, this direction has become an independent faculty.

Since 2004, the faculty was called the Department of Water Management and its Economy, and since 2015 it became known as the Faculty of Water Management. Based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 05.24.2017. No. PP-3003 “On measures to fundamentally improve the training system for engineering and technical personnel for the water sector”, the faculty was renamed to the faculty “Organization and management of water resources”.

Departments at the faculty:

• Department of "Economics"

• Department of Management

• Department of Accounting and Auditing

• Department of "Fundamentals of the theory of economics"

• Department of “Information Technology”

• Department of “Languages”

• Department of “English”


The faculty prepares highly qualified specialists in the following educational areas:

5230100 - Economics (water management)

- This is an educational area that studies the economics of water economy, including a set of issues and tasks related to the development and rational use of water resources, optimization of production processes in the water sector, a direction that defines the strategy for modernizing the economy.

5230200 - Management (water management) is an educational undergraduate direction that prepares specialists for water management design organizations, water construction organizations, studies subjects and objects of small business, and private business entities, the activities of management bodies of enterprises of various forms of ownership, joint and foreign enterprises, external economic activity.

5230900 - Accounting and Auditing (Water Management)

- This is an educational direction of undergraduate, which trains specialists for enterprises and organizations of water management. In particular, for the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, for regional and district administrations of agriculture and water management, specialists for water resources management, irrigation management systems, as well as associations of water consumers.

5630100— Ecology and environmental protection

- This is an educational direction, which includes a set of issues and tasks related to the development and rational use of water resources, and water infrastructure entities. The undergraduate program prepares specialists for water management organizations, for the association of water consumers, for water construction organizations, for agricultural companies and companies.

The faculty has 5 professors, 32 associate professors, 53 assistants and senior teachers. The scientific potential of the faculty of the faculty is 68 percent. Currently, the dean of the faculty is Ph.D., associate professor Khakimov Rashid.