The department of "Languages" of TIIAME and Tashkent State Financial Institute signed a cooperation agreement. On the basis of this agreement, teachers of language departments exchange their experience in teaching, drafting work programs, writing methodological guides and articles. For several years the department has been cooperating with Russian Foreign Centre: teachers receive new information on the teaching methods of the Russian language, and hold different joint activities (eg: "International Mother Language Day").

Teachers of the department actively cooperate with Uzbekistan Research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences under the name Kari-Niyazi: publish articles, conduct joint seminar trainings.

There is an intensive exchange of experience on the methodology of teaching languages ​​with the departments "Russian Language" and "Practice and theory of translation of the German and Roman languages" at Uzbekistan World Languages State University.

Between the departments of TIIAME and the teachers of the German and French languages ​​of the department an agreement was concluded on conducting consultations on the study of languages. Cooperation of the department with Tashkent College of Economics and Business, Yunusabad Academic Lyceum, and Academic Lyceum Interhouse are being carried out. Teachers of the department conduct open classes, organize joint events.

The department approved a plan to increase relationships with educational institutions of our republic and abroad.