Targets and goals


"Training of students in languages ​​in the context of information and communication technologies."
Head of
Associate Professor F.B.Kilicheva

When preparing specialists for the profession to develop the conceptual goals and objectives of information and communication technologies, effective application and implementation in the learning process.
The research results under consideration will greatly help students speak (in Russian) and develop their thinking ability
The research topic, determined by the department, is relevant.
During the year, articles and reports will be prepared and published, and methodical guides on the problem will be published.


"The use of information technology in teaching the Uzbek language."
Head Associate Professor K. N. Rakhimova

receive information and form a culture of processing, student development is the task of the education system. Learning and, together with academic achievement, consists in forming habits of analyzing, exchanging information when using new knowledge from them. O through gaming technologies, different forms of work, motivation, correct names of letters, photographs, creation of texts, drawing of media products, visual materials, video films on the basis of speech topics, media, works with the dictionary, translation of words, clarification of new information, use electronic textbooks reveal methods of teaching the language.
Information technologies play an important role in the study of the Uzbek language as a non-native language.
Studying of the Uzbek language, helps the future special terminology, correctly draw up business papers. During a year.


Using the words of immigrants in teaching French).



teacher Turmanov T.M.

The purpose of the research task comes from the essence of the scientific topic. The aim of the work is to clarify the places of immigrants' words in the preparation of future specialists. Creation of systems of words of immigrants in special and general educational direction of a foreign language and the following tasks are fulfilled when introducing them into the education education process:
• To study and express the attitude of conducting research studies on teaching immigrant words.
• Specially select the immigrant types of immigrants and integrate them into practice.
• Develop the best methods of words for immigrants. Carry out a response and test work
• To clarify the effectiveness of words of immigrants.


German Dictionary of Irrigation and Reclamation Words

teacher Turdieva A.E.

The aim of the research is based on the essence of the scientific topic. The purpose of the work is the role of irrigation terms in the training of future specialists.
Consideration is being given to the creation of systems of irrigation terms for a foreign language in the general educational area and the fulfillment of several tasks when introducing them into the education process.