Head of the Management Department, Ph.D in Economics

Li Marina Rudolfovna

Phone: + 99871-237-19-74

Email:  limarinarud@gmail.com



In 1974 a department was established with a name "Organization of Production and Economy of Water Enterprises". In 1999 on the base of this departmenttwo departments were founded: department of "Economics" and Department of “Management and Marketing". Both of these departments were joined to establish a department of"Organization and Economy of Water Management" in 2004. Again by the reorganization of the department, new departments "Water ResourcesManagement" and "Water Economy" were establishedin2007.In 2017 the department "Water Resources Management" was renamed as "Management" department.

In 1974-1979 Docent A.Valijonov was the head of the department. In 1980 – Docent A.Pulatov; Between1981 and1982 – Professor A.Sultanov; In 1982-1984 – Professor R.Tursunov; In 1985-1992 – Professor V.Em; In 1992-1994 – Professor K.Bahretdinova led the department. During this period, great attention was paid to the relationship with market reforms and preparation of new scientific and methodological recommendations and manuals. In 1995-2002 – Docent H.Tashmatov; In 2003 – Docent Z.Adilova; In 2003-2004 – Docent B.Mirkarimov; In 2004 – Docent Z.Khudaberganov; In 2007-2008 – Docent A.Tashbaev headed the department. Then the department was re-established and called "Water Resources Management"; from 2008 to 2015 the department was headed by Docent J.Rashidov. From 2015 to 2017 the department was headed by Docent  B.Shafkarov. From 2017 to 2019, the department was headed by A.Tulaboev. Since 23 august 2017, the department has been led by M. R. Li. Currently, three professors, five docents, five senior lecturers (one of them is PhD), one assistant-lecturer and one intern-teacher are working in the department.

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