Head of the Department "Basic of economic theory", PhD

Ahmedov Azamat Kamilovich

Тел.: +99871-237-09-73

E-mail: a.akhmedov@tiiame.uz



The department "Foundations of Economic Theory" was founded in 1949 under the title "Political Economy". The first head of the department "Political Economy" was appointed Associate Professor IE Shalashilin. The major contribution to the development and improvement of the activity of the department in 1953-1958 was made by the head of the department, MA. Makarov. A significant role in this period in the activity of the department was played by the associate professor of the department Kh.D.Minubaev. He first published a textbook on the discipline "Political Economy" in Uzbek and is the first author of the text of the lecture and other teaching aids on the subject.

For many years (1959-1971), the Chair of Political Economy was headed by Professor GR Rizaev. In the days of his leadership successfully worked and defended Ph.D. these teachers AV Ryazanov, B. Kucharov.

In 1979-1989, the department was headed by Professor A, Ibragimov, E.Sh. Tuigun, in 1984-1991 the head of the department was Associate Professor I.Netekchev. The name of Ivan Nikolayevich Netkachev is related to the creation of a number of educational and methodological manuals.

From 1978-1981, 1991-1998 and 2001-2007 the head of the department was the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor U.Kh. Nigmajanov. Under his leadership, the qualification of the department and the quality of teaching economic disciplines were strengthened. A major contribution to this process was made by associate professors BK Kucharov, Kh.G. Baibaev, Kh.Yu.Mirakhimova, Yu.V. Voronovsky, VLLakhovskaya, G.A. Rakhmatov, T.Fayzullaeva, and also teachers KNInchibaeva, I.K. Abdurakhmanov, R.R. Allaeva, D.R. Rustamova, S.A. Ikramov, D.Z. Israilov, who lead teaching activities to this day. At this time successfully defended Candidate's thesis I. Palvanova.

In 2002 successfully defended his doctoral thesis Uchkun Kholmetovich Nigmadzhanov on the topic "Problems of transformation and improvement of the agroindustrial complex of Uzbekistan in the transition period to a market economy."

From 2007 to 2012 the head of the department was the candidate of economic sciences BF Sultanov. During this period, all the disciplines read in the department were provided with textbooks, scientific and methodological aids, the scientific and technical base of teaching was improved.

From 2012 to 2018 the Head of  department was the candidate of economic sciences Saidova Madina Khamidovna. Over the years, special attention has been paid to improving the qualification and retraining of the teaching and pedagogical state. Developed CMC and modules in all the disciplines taught by the department.

Since September 3, 2018 the department is headed by Ph.D, Azamat Ahmedov. 

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