Brief information about discipline

Bachelor's program


Business Economics

The role and place of enterprises in the development of the national economy, their functions, tasks, definitions, structures and factors that determine the improvement of legislation on enterprises


Agroindustrial complex

The composition of the AIC, the relationship between industries and production, the organizational and economic relations between industries and enterprises, and the methodology of training


Economic geography and ecology

In this course, the problems of development and allocation of production forces of world countries, transport, natural resources use, population changes


Economics of World Agriculture

Training for world agriculture, its economy, and major factors like land, water and labor in the production of agricultural products and its features


Small business and entrepreneurship

Training in solving problems related to small business and entrepreneurship, their place and importance in the development of the national economy


Project Analysis

Study of the factors influencing the efficiency and bases of the evaluation of investment projects, participants in investment processes, business plan, the basics of technical and economic indicators and types of projects


Economy of agriculture

Training methods of legal and production, organizational bases for the development of agriculture, its activities, roles and tasks in agriculture


Economics of water management

The role and tasks of water management in the country's economy, the economics of water organizations, problems and solutions in irrigated agriculture, the efficiency of land and water resources use


Management and economics of water management

Economics of water and agricultural industries, training of the basics of management on the basis of science and technology in the transition period to market relations


Economics of water management construction

Construction of rural and water facilities, their role in the development of the economy, the business plan for production activities, the preparation of budget documentation, the implementation of land reclamation measures, ways to assess economic efficiency


Analysis of the activities of water management organizations

Activity of water management organizations, their main tasks, main economic indicators and methods of their assessment


Foreign investments

The essence of foreign investment, the definition and significance, the role of investment in the regulation of the country's policy, the attraction of foreign investment in the economy of Uzbekistan, the regulatory and legal framework for foreign investors, the ways of regulating investment activities


Environmental economics

The economic mechanism of nature management, the study of the main areas of rational and integrated use of resources, ways to solve environmental problems, the effectiveness of environmental protection costs, ways to assess the damage


Regional economy

The economic condition of the regions, their change and development. Bases and principles of management of economic processes of regions. Composition of production forces and the principles of their deployment


Theory and analysis of investment property

Possession of basic skills in assessing investment opportunities in the real estate market, using modern methods of financial mathematical analysis for the attractiveness of real estate, studying the tools and tools used in world practice


Business planning

Business planning, study of modern practice and methods of planning technologies; structure of the business plan and its definition; studying methodologies for planning business plan departments; studying the mechanism of business plan promotion; studying the methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the business plan


Institutional economy. Economy of social sphere

Formation of experience and practice, knowledge on the study of the activities of economic entities, theoretical and practical development of the institutional economy


Fundamentals of Scientific Research

Formation of knowledge on the generalization and analysis of research results, the basis for organization of scientific research, methods and methodology of research activities