The department of "Accounting and Audit" has a number of scientific clubs and all students of the institute are interested in them. The head of the club is docent M.Mamatkulov and other teachers are also contributing to its activity. The results of students' research are reflected in articles and abstracts of national magazines and conferences. In scientific societies, the study of actual problems of the economy is carried out. According to the plan of SSS, talented students take part in Olympiads, contests, and develop the "Teacher-Student" system. In particular, under the guidance of docent S.Hojimuhamedova, the student of management S.Khamidov became the owner of the state scholarship named Navoi (the Decree № 415 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, October 16, 2016).

Second, third and fourth years students of the Faculty of Economics and Management attend the club usually. They learn the basics of preparing course works on "Accounting", "Financial Accounting and Reporting", "Audit", scientific essays and presentations.

In 2017-2018, in the Club "Accounting and Audit" the following topics are going to be learned:

1. Calculation and auditing of accounts with buyers and customers under the modernization of the economy.

2. Cash account and audit of water management organizations.

3. Accounting and auditing of transactions with business entities on bank accounts.

4. Accounting and auditing of and other compulsory payments to the budget of water management organizations.

5. Wage-earning and audit in water management organizations.

6. Verification of the financial reporting of water management organizations and their results.

7. Organization and improvement of internal audit service in enterprises.

8. Preparation and analysis of accounting in water consumer associations.

9. Simplified accounting system and issues of its improvement.

10. Application and simplified taxation of agricultural enterprises.

11. Organization of the accounting of water supply and sewerage services enterprises.

12. Analysis of the economic potential of the enterprise and factors influencing its development

13. Organization and improvement of accounting in CSOs.

14. Crediting and analysis of water management entities.

15. Calculation of credit and debit duties in water management organizations.

Annually more than 30 articles and abstracts are published by students in collaboration with the teaching staff of the department.

Contacts for applicants: +998(71) 2371922. Responsible executor: M.Mamatkulov (Room B-209), F.Shafkarov (Room B-211)