At the Tashkent branch of the Russian Economic University. Plekhanova (QS 751-800) Department Head Lee M.R. gave a lecture on the subject of "Competition Management".

Teachers of the department A. Tulaboev and A. Durmanov in 2017-2019. actively participated in the project “Curriculum Development in Economic Education in Accordance with International Standards” with professors Ian Crawford and Stephen Pavlins of the University of Baton, invested by the Council of Great Britain.

In May 2019, A. Tulaboev took an active part in the Summer School under the WEF Nexus project, organized at TIIIMSH, for researchers from Central Asia and other countries.

Graduates of the cadre, Safaev Akbar and Khayrullaev Zoydzhon were sent to universities in China to continue their studies.